Is Retirement Making Your Brain Lazy?

Do you need a wake-up call?

Once the farewell speeches have been made and the celebrations are over

Leaving employment can be scary.

At first, there’s a great relief.
There’s no need to juggle home life and work commitments any more.

There’s time for the projects round home
And more time for golf or the garden.

And to watch TV …..

The pressure’s off.

But what’s happening to your brain??

Jenni’s career in a busy legal office came to an end after forty busy years. She was looking forward to time for herself and her husband – and of course her grandchildren.

For a year, everything went as planned. Then it slowly dawned ….

Jenni was worried because she couldn’t remember people’s names they way she used to.

“I think my brain was getting lazy in retirement.”

Fortunately, Jenni didn’t say, “I’m getting old and my memory’s going”, and leave it at that.

The TRAGEDY is, that so many people do.

So what did Jenni do to rescue her brain skills?

Follow Jenni’s step-by-step plan.

  1. She enrolled in the Brain Tune™ course (it’s free)
  2. She completed the Memory Check to see where she particularly needed assistance.
  3. She spent 20 minutes a day putting the Brain Tune exercises into practice for three days.
  4. She practised the ‘remembering names’ and ‘story’ techniques (the ones she needed most).
  5. She tried out these new techniques whenever she knew she was meeting friends
  6. She loved the results so she also enrolled for more sessions with Memory Tune.
  7. Wherever she went, she carried 7-Day Brain Boost Plan in her handbag.

“It was good  to have everything in book form and be revisiting the new learning.  Carried the book around with me and dipped in and out as the sections of the book became more relevant. Good to be able to have something to share with friends and family when talking about the Memory Tune course.”

Final words from Jenni:7DayBrainBoostPlan_400x619

“I think the Memory Tune course was a much needed wake up call.”

Are you ready to take up the challenge?

Enrol for more brain training with  Memory Tune (you won’t regret it).

Get your copy of 7-Day Brain Boost Plan