Brainfit Worksheet 3 Answers

Worksheet 3.

Working with numbers:

Email me if you need the answers – there are a lot to write up here! (

How can this be?

  1. Five people came past the basket and took one egg; then the sixth person picked up the basket with the egg still in the basket! (A tricky one …)
  2. The recluse was a lighthouse keeper (I guess nearly everyone guessed that one!)

Colour pairs:

  1. Yellow yellow;     green, green
  2. Yellow, red;         green, yellow
  3. Yellow, green;     green, red
  4. Yellow, blue;       green, blue
  5. Red, red;              blue, blue
  6. Red, yellow;         blue, yellow
  7. Red, green;          blue, red
  8. Red, blue;            blue, green

Use your verbal and working memory:

Here are the letters again: A S C R H

Arc, arch, arcs, ash, car, cars, cash, char, chars, crash, has, rash, sac, scar

Did you find any more? Let me know!