Is stress affecting you?stress-meter

Occasional memory lapses can be caused by stress.

If you are feeling stressed and anxious, try this quick test.
It will help you decide if you need to moderate your lifestyle
Or seek further help.

For each question,, score yourself:
Often = 2,  Sometimes = 1,  Rarely = 0

1. Are you easily irritated?
2. Do you lose your temper easily?
3. Do you feel tired and lack energy?
4. Do you have tension headaches?
5. Do you feel your memory is affected by tension?
6. Do you feel dissatisfied at home?
7. Is your body tense?
8. Do your relationships become strained and tense?
9. Have you stopped smiling very much?
10. Do you lack confidence?
11. Do you worry?
12. Are you unable to relax?
13. Don’t feel as good about yourself as you used to?
14. Can’t express your feelings as well as before?
15. Do you feel life is overwhelming?
16. Do you feel you can’t see the wood for the trees?
17. Do you have difficulty coping with everyday life?

                                                                                         My Total
Total each column and check your score below.

Now read Dr. Allison Lamont’s advice:

0 – 10
You are likely to be coping well at present and no aware of much stress in your life.

11 – 20
You appear to be moderately stressed at the moment. You may experience some difficult situations at present.
If you are handling them quite well, and can see solutions ahead, try to ensure you take time to relax with ‘time out’.

  • Take time to walk or otherwise exercise.
  • Read for pleasure
  • Try to increase your deep sleep hours.

Is there anything you can change to relieve the stress?
Set goals to target these situations.
Tackle your goals one at a time until you feel the stress disappear.

21 – 30
You seem to be experiencing a significant level of stress at the moment.
It is important to moderate your lifestyle as soon as possible.
Deal with the stressors you are feeling and reduce your stress levels.

Perhaps it is time to talk to someone who can help you find solutions to the difficulties that are causing the stress?

  • Take time to exercise more.
  • Find space for pleasurable activities.
  • Try relaxation or meditation techniques to reduce your stress.
  • Make sure you have sufficient sleep.

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Do share your stress-reducing strategies below – we all benefit from sharing ideas.