From ‘The Telegraph’


Person one: What’s a seven-letter word meaning ‘easily perceived or understood’, starting with ‘O’?
Person two: Isn’t it ‘obvious’?
Person one: No, that’s why I’m asking.


Person one: The person who invented the crossword is buried in our local cemetery.
Person two: Oh, where abouts?
Person one: Seven across and six down.


Person one: I was talking to the creator of the crossword last week.
Person two: What was his name?
Person one: I’ve forgotten, but it was P something T something R.


A cyclops was solving a crossword puzzle, and was stuck on an answer.
He asked his wife, “How do you spell Hawaii?”
His wife said “I’m sorry, I don’t think you can spell that; you need two ‘I’s.”


Here’s a video from the New Yorker about creating crossword clues


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