I want to share an update on my mum since I started her on cGP about 3 weeks ago.  I noticed quite a change last week when I went to visit.  Over the last 3-4 months she had declined to the point of sleeping most of the time, unable to string a sentence together and would mumble a few words that didn’t make sense.  She had effectively stopped communicating.  Last week she was chatty!!  This took me by surprise as I haven’t had a two-way conversation with my mum for a long time. She asked after my sister and remembered. When we were walking together down the hallway, we went past a picture of the Tower Bridge in London which had a double decker bus in it and when I asked her where it was she told me it was London! Gobsmacked!! 

I didn’t want to get my hopes up but when I went in today, she was the same. The manager of the facility wanted to chat to me about mum and said it was like some sort of miracle and that it felt like they were meeting a new person, all of the staff had noticed this. 

This is extremely exciting for our family and mum and even if this is all we get to it is so much better than how she was.”

Dr. Vishakha Mahajan, Research Scientist working in the Longevity space with cGP Lab, says:

‘This story came from a son who talking about his mum with Dementia. Over the years, we have collected anecdotal stories of families who believe in cGP supplementation. This includes children who have seen a positive impact on their parents, partners emphasising how thrilled they are to see their loved one address them by their names, and individuals who have taken charge of their health and endeavoured to have an improved quality of life.’

Statistics suggest that almost 40% of people experience some form of memory loss as they age especially, after the age of 65. Chief Neuroscientist, Dr. Jian Guan dedicated 30 years of her life investigating cyclic Glycine Proline (cGP) a molecule critical for ‘healthy ageing.’  Jian discovered cGP in several food sources and together with The cGP Lab, developed a range of supplements aimed at supporting healthy ageing.

MEMORY is defined as the ‘power or process of reproducing or recalling’ but is so much more than it seems. It is in fact the essence of who we are, our likes and dislikes, how our loved ones made us feel and the comfort of knowing you’re in control. There are many forms of memory loss, from being mildly ‘annoying’ to being severe and presenting itself as dementia, encompassing a wide range of symptoms. Researchers across the world are trying to decode the details of the ageing process, that remains largely elusive.

Despite a lot being unknown, advances in science and research have enabled an enhanced understanding of these symptoms with many of them now being managed with medications and lifestyle changes.


Dr. Vishakha Mahajan
Research Scientist, cGP Lab