Memory Tune® Trial, Canterbury and Auckland

In May 2012, GrownUps published an invitation for readers to take part in a memory trial using  Memory Tune®, an on-line course designed to reverse memory loss and build brain resilience for confident, independent living in the future. The memory course, produced by the Memory Foundation (Brainfit.World), was eight years in development and is firmly based in scientific research. The trial, with groups of 60-75 year-olds in Christchurch and Auckland, was several times over-subscribed, demonstrating how concerned all of us are about what can happen to our memory skills with ageing. They were briefed and pre-tested at The University of Canterbury and The University of Auckland.

For seven weeks, participants in the study received twice-weekly issues of Memory Tune®, packed with information about memory and a variety of practical, brain-boosting exercises and puzzles. Most people spent around 20 minutes a day on the tasks. Everyone was tested again at the end of the course.

We at the Memory Foundation are delighted with the results. As you can see below, in just seven weeks, improvement was shown in every type of memory tested.

Prospective Memory changes Outstanding

Dr. Lamont was astounded by a 27% improvement in prospective memory. This can be the bane of our lives as we get older and struggle with remembering appointments, that we left the potatoes boiling, and a myriad of other things we have to remember to do. The strategies in Memory Tune work!  If this is what happens in seven weeks, just imagine what you can do to ensure a vibrant, reliable memory in six months, or a year…


Figure 1: The difference in the results of July and September testing (%).


In the words of Memory Tune® trial participants:

I have loved your course which has given me a great boost of self-confidence. Gwen

It was really great to see such improvement, and it’s very encouraging to know that one can take active steps to reverse deteriorating memory. The course has been really enlightening and I am sure you must be very excited about the results too.  Jenny

Really enjoyed learning all these techniques. A very interesting and worthwhile addition to my life.  Many thanks for all your wonderful work.  Forever grateful.  Kathy

Very enlightening. Learnt extremely valuable lessons Will definitely revisit and redo all exercises. Thank you.  Denise

This course is very stimulating. How did you know about all these things where I and my memory are lacking?  Peter


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