Have you heard of Memory Tune™?Memory Tune (TM)

It’s Dr Allison Lamont’s memory improvement series.

Dr Allison Lamont, PhD

Dr Lamont

When Dr Lamont, PhD, found that there were 6 key memory skills people need for independent living in older age, she planned this sequence of easy-to-follow steps to guide us in what we need to do to improve our remembering.

Each of the sessions gives simple explanations, exercises, brain wake-ups and tips.
They come to you twice a week via email.
And of course, you can save them to go over and over as many times as you wish.

The pilot clinical trials were conducted in Christchurch and Auckland and improvement was found in each of the six skill areas after just 7 weeks.

But don’t take our word for it!

Read what people are saying about Memory Tune™

“15 years ago I had a minor stroke from which I recovered apart from my memorybev-bonnar
When I heard of the “Memory Tune” course I joined in.
The first two weeks were a struggle and my head hurt but I could see the benefits
I was beginning to recall events and could attend business meetings where I understood the train of conversation
The big break through for me was the use of my non dominant hand
A light switch went on   My head felt different – Yahoo!
My immediate family are encouraging me to have input into business meetings and wait for me to contribute. I am still to master the face recognition but have come a long way in healing my neurons
I visit “Memory Foundation” web site regularly and have fun playing the games
I am also using the book “7 Day Brain Boost Plan”
Yes it’s an ongoing journey and like most happenings one gets out what one puts in
I recommend following any or all of the above mentioned on your own journey seeking solutions.” Bev Bonnar.

“Thank you both so much for this course which has given me the confidence and the tools to deal with my memory. I now enjoy puzzles, crosswords and memory tests.. I used to avoid them like the plague. Meeting people and remembering their names is now a pleasant experience rather than a nightmare! You have shone a light at the end of what was fast becoming a very dark tunnel. Thank you.” Jenny M.


“Excellent course. The course ‘normalised’ the ageing and memory lapse issues as well as giving us practical ways to improve. Since doing the course, I have pruned down my commitments and allow myself some more ‘being’ places. Thank you both.” Peter Jones.


I am thoroughly enjoying Memory Tune. It has become part of my day. I am already feeling more alert and confident. I can remember all the words and images from the first sessions a week ago! John Hunt

“LOVE it Gillian! Yes, it’s vital to tune in and pay attention to what is happening in the now…

I’ve managed to close too many open tabs in my life and I’m finding my once unfocused mind is now able to tune in and process information more effectively. I’m surprising myself – especially with recall, oh and where I left my phone/keys/wallet etc. A big thank you Gillian and Allison for the wonderful work you do reassuring us over 50’s that we can keep our memories alive and kicking!” Andrea L.


“There are so many pills and potions around which are supposed to help the brain it is refreshing to know that exercising the brain as you would your body is more beneficial with no negative side effects.” Nancy Y.


Memory Tune (TM)

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