The research results are in!

When it comes to helping the brain, silence really is golden!

That’s the kind of silence where there is no sound – just mindfulness.

As attributed to the philosopher, Pythagoras:
“Listen and you will be wise; the beginning of wisdom is silence.”

Our world has become a noisy place!

Children, the chronically ill and older adults, are most affected.

Short-term, noise can cause cognitive impairment and disturbed sleep.

Long-term, the impacts include the flow on effects such as mental health issues and increased risk of heart attack. Read more

Noise pollution a “modern plague”: World Health Organisation

WHO found overwhelming evidence that exposure to noise has adverse effects on people’s health. Read more


Short “bursts” of complete silence are the answer.

We can’t be silent all the time.

We need social stimulation.
The brain is not programmed for lengthy periods of total silence and isolation.

People in an anechoic chamber (devoid of sound and used for testing sound levels on the human ear) could stay in that environment for only half an hour without feeling suffocated or disoriented!

How does Silence Boost your Brain?

  • Releases tension
    Loud noise activates the brain to release stress hormones. Silence causes the brain to release hormones that reduce stress.
    Just two minutes of silence a day releases built up tension and stress.
    It’s even more effective than listening to “relaxing” music.
  • Reduces insomnia
    Just 20 minutes a day practising silence, helps us sleep more soundly.
  • Develops new brain cells
    Two hours of silence daily created new brain cells in adult mice.
    Scientists found that silence assists the human brain to regulate emotions, memory and learning. They hope their research into replacing lost brain cells can be developed into a method of using silence to treat people with dementia, depression and Alzheimer’s.
  • Subconscious processing of information
    When there is silence, the brain processes information very differently.
    Information is evaluated and internalised in a similar way to when we sleep on things.

We live in a society that loves independence, but nevertheless obeys and intensifies cultural norms of hyper-activity. New technologies make it easier for us to be more connected to each other than ever.

Our cities are increasingly overpopulated. We are in artificial light more and more often. We exercise less because there are many things we can do conveniently.

Doctors, neurologists, and psychologists tell us our brains are wired very differently now than they were 100 years ago. We receive so much stimuli throughout the day and from so many sources we’re forced to manage this sensory chaos.

What we need is to calm down. We need silence and solitude from time to time so we can integrate the flood of information. So we can find meaning in our lives.

Where can YOU fit in at least 2 minutes of silence TODAY?

 Do you have tips to share? Please leave a comment below.

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