‘There are no BAD foods and no superfoods.”

Dr Jian Guan’s research tells her that the idea of superfood is a myth. And what about dairy cream? Isn’t that bad for you?

Memory Foundation talks with Dr Jian Guan about her research into nutrition and why the brain ages.

Brain ageing has four main causes and here Dr Jian Guan talks about one of them – nutrition – and the impact it has on the way the brain ages. Find out what you need to eat to keep your brain young, alert and growing, no matter what your age is.

And she tells about the ‘eat 80% rule’ and why it is important.

Dr Jian Guan, from the Centre for Brain Research at the University of Auckland, is an expert in nutrition, brain ageing and its causes.

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https://unidirectory.auckland.ac.nz/profile/j-guan         During the last 18 years, Jian’s research has been largely focused on understanding the biological function of insulin-like growth factors following brain injury and in chronic neurological conditions in neonatal, infant, young adult and aging brains. More recently she has been investigating the effects of nutrition on brain development, premature aging and cognitive function. She has extensive experience in designing animal based experiments and models, behavioral testing, neuronal anatomy, neurobiology and pharmacology. Her research has resulted in 170 publications with high reference index (H-index 21), indicating the novelty of her research field.             Collaborations: Dr J-Y Wen, School of Pharmacy, The University of Auckland, on peptide formulation           Dr J Perry, Liggins Institute, on the role of neuropeptides in angiogenesis                Professor R Faull, Centre for Brain Research, The University of Auckland, on white matter degeneration in Huntington’s Disease         Professor C Vorhees, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, on developmental neuroscience