attentions-sign-on-laptop-screen_f18zpNsd-(1)If you can improve only ONE aspect of your memory …..

This Is the One!

Pay Attention.

It isn’t always easy but here’s how you can.

How to pay attention.

  • Will yourself to remember; it takes a conscious effort but say to yourself:  focus, focus, focus!
  • Take an interest in what you want to remember – anything that doesn’t interest you or arouse your emotions will probably not be remembered
  • Be aware of your environment – do you find some noise in the background helps you to concentrate, or do you need complete quiet. Make the changes you need.
  • Practise concentration – focus your attention on selected information and fight against becoming distracted.
  • Consider your personality – are you anxious, stressed, with your mind racing with thoughts and distractions? If you are, work to develop an open-mind and an optimistic attitude because these will aid you as you create important memory traces.
  • Take pleasure in what you are doing because you are much more likely to concentrate on something you are enjoying
  • Develop an energetic, motivated approach – e.g. looking forward to achieving a goal, or succeeding, or bringing about your personal growth in memory skills.
  • Be curious – the more curious you are about life in general, the more your attention is stimulated.
  • Be aware of your emotions. When the information you have selected has an emotional content for you, then this enhances attention.
  • Remember! It takes around seven seconds of processing to commit information to your long-term memory. Give yourself time and avoid multi-tasking as much as possible.

See – none of these are hard to do. All they take is awareness on your part and determination to change your approach to remembering. After the age of 50, a more active process is involved if you are to amaze others with your superb memory.

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