This is not just crazy talk – I’ve seen bright, alert 100 year-olds who are still working!

And here they are.

Take a look at these lovely friends – bright eyes, alert minds, lots of laughs and knowing just how to get tourists on side.

What’s their secret?

This is what they told me.

1. Simple food – rice, fresh vegetables, fish and a little meat, water and lots of green tea.

2. A life of hard work and physical activity – working in the fields, walking, maybe riding a bicycle,  – but no car.

3. Keeping their brains active with Chinese chess, maybe mahjong and, let’s be honest, trying to make ends meet nearly all their lives.

4. And (they didn’t say this but I saw it for myself) enjoying life and laughing a lot!

OK – so it isn’t for everyone and we can’t help living in a time when everything is plentiful. And we love our cars!

But there are lifestyle changes you can make that will keep your brain alive and alert.

Think about your day.

Could you have spared 20 minutes today to think about your brain?

Or 4 lots of 5 minutes? It doesn’t seem much to help preserve your brain and memory for the rest of your life!)

Are you ready to start work on your brain fitness?

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