1. Find out about your brain and you can make the most of your brain powers. Knowing that your brain is a constantly-developing miracle with bil­lions of neu­rons and synapses will encourage you to take important steps to keep it flourishing.


2. Take care of your nutri­tion.  Although your brain weighs only 2% of your body mass, it needs over 20% of the oxy­gen and nutri­ents you take in? Eat plenty of wholegrains, berries, broccoli and other greens, eggs, oily fish, nuts and protein. 


3. Remem­ber that your brain is part of the body and it needs exercise. Exer­cising your body helps to sharpen your brain: physical exercise enhances the regeneration of new brain connections and blood vessels that bring oxygen and nutrients to the brain.


4. Make a determined effort to focus on positive aspects of your day. Looking forward to every new day in a constructive way reduces stress and anxiety. Both of these are the enemy of memory and brain growth. Practice mindfulness and relaxation as a way to cope with stress.


5. Seek out Men­tal Chal­lenges. Adapting to chal­leng­ing new envi­ron­ments, learning new computer programs or a challenging range of puzzles stimulates the growth of new neu­rons.  Whether they stay with you, though, depends on how you use them. “Use It or Lose It” does not mean do a cross­word puz­zle now and then. It means, “chal­lenge your brain often with fundamentally new activities”.


6. Aim high. Keep setting yourself goals and seek out learning. Once you become too com­fort­able in one job, find a new one. The brain keeps devel­op­ing, reflect­ing what you do with it.


7. Explore, travel, accept invitations. Pay more atten­tion to the envi­ron­ment around you and notice details to share with others.


8. Decide to have opinions of your own. Read about issues, listen to debates and think about where you stand on issues. Don’t let media personalities, politicians or even your neigh­bour decide for you. Make your own deci­sions and sometimes, mis­takes. You will learn from them and all the while, you are training your brain.


9. Develop and main­tain friend­ships. The more we socialize, the more we interact, converse and make connections.  and your brain develops too.


10. Laugh. Often. Out loud. Look for comedies, plays on words, humour that requires you to think about the meaning. And share your enjoyment with others.

[Thank you to Sharpbrains for the basis of this article}