Kris Tynan’s 3 simple daily exercises that make a big difference

Having good balance becomes increasingly important as we get older. A fall can result in anything from a few bruises and hurt pride to a fracture (commonly wrist, hip or arm) or even worse brain injury and months of rehabilitation. The risks go up due to several factors in the older population – muscle loss, a less responsive vestibular system, poor eyesight, reduced reaction time and the effects of some medications to name but a few.

These 3 simple exercises will only take minutes to do each day – at the most 5 – but will help you stay vertical for as long as possible.

stork-exercise-tynanExercise one – the 5-second Stork Balance.
Have a chair or bench available for support and then try to stand on one leg for a slow count of 5.
Keep your eye gaze ahead on the horizon. Don’t look down. Repeat the other side.

Tip: This is a good one to do every time you brush your teeth.



heel-toe-step-tynanExercise two – the 5-step Heel-to-Toe
Very slowly try to walk in a straight line placing your heel against your toes as you move forward. Do this for 5 steps and then repeat it going backwards. Again don’t look down!



Exercise three – Sit-to-Stand 5 times
Use a kitchen or dining room chair (not a low sofa) and be sure to stand up fully upright in between.

Sit back slowly for the count of 4.

Aim to improve so you can do this with your arms across your chest.

Let us know how you get on with these? Try them for a week and tell us below about any difference in your fitness you notice.


Watch out for more great exercise and lifestyle tips from Kris Tynan next month.