Are you struggling with finding the clothes and the personal style that works for YOU?

If yes then this post is for you. We will cover the basics of how to do just that!

Because there is nothing more frustrating than wanting to look a certain way and never getting there. It might just be because you are lacking confidence


Start looking at your wardrobe so that you can see what you already like so you can actually build from there.

That will show you what you actually feel confident in.

The pieces you have can be pointers into the direction of your personal unique style.

Tip time!

Try to track what you are actually wearing for 1 or 2 weeks.

You can take pictures or place them on a separate rack.

That way you can identify your best fit so that you can actually see what you like. Is it loose jeans or A-line silhouettes?

Colour scheme?

What colours do you wear most often?

If you believe that you need to be uncomfortable in order to be fashionable then you are wrong.

When you document, you will assess your colour scheme, silhouette, fabric, brand…


This is the fun part where you can scroll through Instagram, Pinterest, Old movies, old magazines and runway shows.

Source 1: The Instagram explore page is a huge resource.  There you can find plenty of style ideas 

Try these Instagram pages for a start:

When you are saving images think to yourself:

  • What do I like about this outfit?
  • What I don’t like etc…


You can find something that you are drawn to and what kind of style you are generally drawn to.

Then you will gather probably a ‘mood board’ of different styles: edgy, frilly, light and dark.

As you go through each photo, ask yourself if that reflects your personality?

Does that fit into your lifestyle?

You do not have to box yourself into one particular style. It can be a combination of styles. See the mood board as an arrow pointing you in the general direction.

When you develop your style you will combine different colours and colour schemes so that at the end of the day you end up with something that is completely personal and unique to you.


DO NOT buy a whole new wardrobe.

Pick the top 5 pieces that you LOVE and create a shopping list. Do not buy anything that is not on your list yet.

Before buying consider: Will this go with three other pieces I own? Is it MY colour? Is it in my price range?

As a couple of months go by, you can keep on adding to your wardrobe the items that you like. Then just keep assessing your style and developing it.


Putting together an outfit essentially will take time.

You will get it wrong, but at the end of the day you will learn through trial and error, what works for you and what does not.

Remember that finding style is a process. 

It is something that might never be final and that eventually you would be able to do it better with practice.

As you grow in your confidence, your style grow and develop.

Final tips on CONFIDENCE:

You have this amazing new style

  • Ease yourself into the style piece by piece
  • Make your own decisions about where and when to experiment
  • Head up, shoulders back and wait for the compliments!

Do you have style tips to share? Places to look? Online style images to see? Do tell us!