What actually happens in the brain?

That’s a question Associate Professor of Biological Sciences Donna Webb, along with her team of biologists at Vanderbilt University, asked herself. To find out, they studied the connections the brain makes at the molecular and cellular level. (Read the full Science Daily report)

Every time you make a memory, somewhere in your brain a tiny filament reaches out from one neuron and forms an electrochemical connection to a neighboring neuron.

A single brain cell (neuron) produces two kinds of long fibres that weave through the brain: 

Dendrites and Axons.

Axons transmit electrochemical signals from the cell body of one neuron to the dendrites of another neuron Dendrites receive the incoming signals and carry them to the cell body. This is the way that neurons communicate with each other.

Connections like this form the basis for memory formation and storage.

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Keeping brain connections active and stimulated maintains your healthy memory!


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