In March, two new Brainfit® Coaches graduated from their training and we are delighted to announce that Brain Fit for Life© classes are now available in Christchurch, Onehunga, West Auckland, Remuera and the Eastern suburbs as well as Whanganui, Papamoa and Blenheim coming soon. Find class details here.


Dr Julia Henn, Dr Lamont and Fiona Knight

Dr Julia Henn, Dr Allison Lamont and Fiona Knight

Accreditation involves a course of study, intensive workshops and a lively interest in working with people in the 40+ age group. Memory Foundation directors, Dr Lamont and Gillian Eadie are delighted to have eight dedicated Coaches to assist them in working with Brain Fit for Life© groups.

Dr Julia Henn and Fiona Knight are enthusiastically committed to helping people develop skills that will keep brains sharp and growing. Dr Henn is a clinical psychologist and chiropractor and her courses will be offered in her Remuera Chiropractic Clinic. Fiona Knight works in the Greater Wellington area and is an experienced and awarded presenter in leadership, management and transport logistics. All eight of our other Brainfit® Coaches are available for introductory talks and they are looking forward to meeting you in their Brainfit® for Life classes. 

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